The Majestic Prairie

As you drive along in rural Scott county Illinois, close to our driveway, you can’t help but notice one of nature’s wonders from the past. A patch of Big Blue Stem prairie grass stands guard as it did years ago. It is my understanding that this particular patch had lay dormant for many years until it … More The Majestic Prairie

Prolong the Summer Scents–with Potpourri

In most parts of the country, summer vacation has ended and kids have returned to school. Summer always seems to fly by too fast. How can you prolong the summer experience a little while longer without disrupting the family schedule? My answer might surprise you. By making potpourri! Making potpourri is a timeless art form that … More Prolong the Summer Scents–with Potpourri

Just Walk…

Just walk. Two simple little words. Sounds easy, right? Television exercise gurus want you to think that it is the simplest thing in the world to do.  Compared to some other types of exercise programs, I guess it is. But how do you fit extra walking into an already over-crowded schedule? You know what I … More Just Walk…

Calendar of Events

We are proud to announce that The Simple Heart of Life will be hosting hands-on herbal workshops beginning the second weekend of September this year (2015). Participants of our workshops will learn how to harness the power of herbs and how easy it is to create unique gifts and flavors with these special plants. In addition, … More Calendar of Events