2017- A Year of Possibilities

Every January, men and women across the globe make promises to themselves, family and friends about changes they intend to make to better themselves and their lives during the new year. Why not make 2017 the year when you actually keep some (or all) of these promises? Herbs (and our herbal workshops) can help you do this. Our 2017 Spring class schedule is full of unique ideas guaranteed to inspire even the most cynical skeptic We have herbal projects for all skill levels; from the beginner to the herbal expert. Participants will experiment with herbal vinegar and oils, will learn how to create aromatherapy soaps and bath bombs, how to use botanicals to dye Easter eggs, and even discover how to utilize herbs to protect man’s (and woman’s) best friend! We will also be hosting an herbal Valentine’s Day party, a National Herb Week garden celebration, an Earth Day planting party and free informative workshops to help save nature’s pollinators–including Monarch butterflies. In addition, our shop features educational (hands-on) gardens, hand-made herbal soaps, therapeutic herbal pillows, herb & milkweed plants, gifts, flavors from the garden and more. Class size is limited so register for a workshop (or two) today and discover for yourself that herbs really are one of Life’s Simple Pleasures and are available to you!

Our 2017 Spring (Hands-on) Workshops

-Saturday, January 21st, 2:00 pm, Warm up with Herbal Teas and Drinks. This special workshop is just what the doctor ordered for the cold Illinois winter. Participants will be introduced to the blending of warming teas and drinks and will discover for themselves how easy they are to create and enjoy. Each participant will create their own herb and spice blend to help fight off colds and flu. A workshop worth its weight in gold! $10.00
– Saturday, January 28th, 2:00 pm, Creating Aromatic Soaps and Bath Bombs. January is the perfect month to enjoy home-spa treatments and this workshop can help get you started. Participants will experiment with making aromatherapy soaps from goats milk and essential oils. In addition, each participant will also create a bath bomb that resembles a sweetheart cupcake–just in time for Valentine’s Day!***** $15.00

-Saturday, February, 4th, 2:00 pm, Essential Oils for the Season. The world of essential oils and aromatherapy offers hope for all types of moods and health conditions. During the winter, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects thousands each year as a result of decreased sunshine and light. Participants of this workshop will discover how essential oils can help with SAD as well as other winter-time conditions. All participants will receive a free essential oil sample and will create their own aromatic skin balm.   $15.00
-Wednesday, February 8th, 6:00-7:30 pm, Creating an Aromatic Love Potion. Herbs have long been associated with love and romance. Did you know that some herbs and essential oils are also considered aphrodisiacs and are reputed to increase ‘romantic intentions?’ Participants of this workshop will experiment with blending their own aromatic love potion and will discover countless ways to use scent to romance their loved one.   $15.00

– Saturday, February 11th, 11:00 am-5:00 pm, An Herbal Valentine’s Day Party! Join us as we celebrate Valentine’s Day with herbs. This day-long extravaganza will include (complimentary) delectable herbal cake and cookies adorned with edible flowers, herbal chocolate candies and even herb-infused punch. The event will conclude with a hands-on workshop focusing on the Victorian art of pressing herbs and flowers. $5.00 (fee only if participating in the afternoon workshop).

-Saturday, February 18th, 2:00 pm, Growing Stevia and Using Natural Sweeteners. Stevia is an herb that is 30 x sweeter than cane sugar yet it will not affect blood sugar levels! This miraculous herb can be grown by the home gardener quite easily. It can then be dried and used in baked goods, beverages, even candies. Participants of this workshop will discover how to grow Stevia, will experiment with different types of Stevia and other natural sweeteners and will even create their own Stevia-sweetened dessert. A must for all who are watching their sugar levels! **** $10.00
-Saturday, March 4th, 2:00 pm, Creating Herbal-infused Vinegar and Oils. Herbal vinegar and oils are easy to make yet can add tons of flavor to your favorite dishes. Participants of this workshop will each create their own vinegar and oil using their favorite herbs and spices.  $15.00

– Saturday, March 11th, 2:00 pm, Herbs and Greens for Spring. Did you know that Spring is the perfect time to cleanse your body and start eating in a healthier way? This special workshop will show you how to add herbs and wild greens to create a healthier diet for yourself and your entire family. Participants will go to the gardens, pick the earliest greens and then create a cleansing salad to enjoy. We will also discuss how to create a cleansing Spring tonic. $10.00

– Saturday, March 18th, 2:00 pm & Wednesday, March 22nd, 6:00-7:30 pm, Seed Starting 101. Have you ever wanted to start your own seeds but did not know how? This workshop will focus on seed starting for beginners. Participants will learn the steps involved with seed propagation and each will plant several easy-to-grow herbs. Guidance for a successful growing season and harvest will also be provided.     $10.00

– Saturday, March 25th, 2:00 pm, Monarchs and Swallowtails. Learn how easy it is to plant your gardens with pollinators in mind and discover the wonder of butterflies in your own yard. This FREE workshop will focus on simple techniques and plants that the home gardener can use to help save the pollinators for future generations.
– Saturday, April 1st, 2:00 pm, Herbal Pet Care. Frustrated with pet care products that contain chemicals and are ineffective? Then this workshop is for you! This workshop will introduce participants to herbs that can help make pets (and their parents) happy. Participants will learn how easy it is to use herbs to create natural flea repellents, dog biscuits and catnip toys. A must for any animal lover.* $15.00
– Saturday, April 8th, 2:00 pm & Wednesday, April 12th, 6:00- 7:30 pm, Natural Dyes and Easter Eggs. Easter eggs are the perfect canvas for natural dyes. These dyes create colors that are natural yet beautiful. This 2-part workshop series will give participants a chance to discover and experiment with dying fibers (Saturday) and eggs (Wednesday) using herbs and botanicals. Each participant will learn the secrets to creating colorful works of art and will receive a color ‘kit’ for future projects.* $ 10.00 for one or $18.00 for both workshops

-Saturday, April 15th, 10:00 am-5:00 pm, Road Trip to Mari-Mann Herbs in Decatur. Join us as we journey to one of central Illinois’ premiere herb shops. Mari-Mann Herb Company has received rave reviews for offering everything herbal. Visitors can tour the gardens and shop at their natural food and supplement shop. A perfect road trip for every herb lover! * *** $5.00 (for transportation)

– Saturday, April 22nd, 2:00 pm, Earth Day Planting Party & Garden Tour. Help us celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd) with a planting party in our gardens. Participants of this celebration will enjoy the taste of herbal dips, herbal crackers & pesto. The day will also include a garden tour and the sharing of plants, bulbs and plant cuttings from each participant as well as from our own herb and wildlife gardens. $5.00

– Saturday, April 29th, 2:00 pm, Creating a May Day Basket. Celebrate May Day (May 1st) with us by creating a basket of herbs (including Lavender) and fresh flowers. Participants will discover the basics of fresh flower arranging at this informative Spring workshop.$15

– Saturday, May 6th, 2:00 pm, National Herb Week Garden Party. This herbal celebration will be held in our wildlife gardens (1482 Turkey Farm Road) weather permitting. Help us celebrate the National Herb Association’s Herb of the Year, Cilantro/Coriander among the irises, herbs and critters in the garden. A garden fairie may just make an appearance too 🙂 Herbal refreshments will be served. **** $5.00

– Saturday. May 13th, 2:00 pm, Creating a Mother’s Day Gift Planter. Create the perfect Mother’s Day (May 14th) gift for the Mothers and Grandmothers (and Aunts) in your life. Participants of this workshop will use herbs, flowers and botanicals to design a unique and old-fashioned gift planter. Free tussie mussies will also be shared. A perfect way to show how much you care!**** $15.00

-Saturday, May 20th, 2:00 pm & Wednesday, May 24th, 6:00-7:30 pm, Fabulous Basil & Pesto! Basil is a staple in the herb garden for good reason. This fabulously useful herb is the base ingredient in many favorite dishes including pesto. Participants of this workshop will be introduced to several old & new varieties of this favorite herb and will each create their own basil pesto and herb crackers. A great workshop for every basil lover! $15.00

– Saturday, May 27th, 2:00 pm, Creating a Decoration Day Tribute with Herbs. Traditionally, Decoration Day (Memorial Day) is a day set aside to honor military Veterans who are no longer with us. It is also, however, a day set aside to honor and remember loved ones. Participants of this unique workshop will create a Memorial tribute from herbs and flowers with a patriotic theme. The symbolic meanings of each will also be shared. $15.00

Please Note: Your check/payment reserves your seat for our workshops. Payment can be made at time of workshop if arrangements are made in advance. If cancellation occurs, we will gladly refund your payment, give you a kit to make the item, or if it’s a demonstration, all of the handouts. A substitute can also be sent to fill your seat if arranged with management in advance. Registration forms can be sent to 1482 Turkey Farm Rd, Bluffs, Illinois 62621. Simply list the workshops you are interested in attending and mail with payment to the above address. You can also reserve a spot by posting a message on our Facebook page (The Simple Heart of Life), calling or texting 217-248-1508.

* All supplies are included with the workshop fees.
* Workshops will be held at our herb shop located at 1486 Turkey Farm Road, Bluffs, Illinois unless otherwise specified. Maps will be provided at time of registration if desired.
* Each workshop will last for approximately 1 -1 1/2hours. Dress casually please.
* Space is limited so sign up as early as possible.
* Herbal-themed refreshments will be served at each workshop.
* Weather-related cancellations will be posted on The Simple Heart of Life’s Facebook page on the day of the workshops. If in doubt about cancellation, feel free to call 217-248-1508. We will re-schedule cancelled workshops at a later date if at all possible.
* Advance registration is not necessary for special celebrations but refreshments and favors will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.
* Note several of the workshops will be held on Wednesday evenings, 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. We are offering these evening classes to better accommodate participant schedules. If you have any questions about the workshops, feel free to call us!
* Join our mailing list (USPS or e-mail) for herbal tips, recipes, inspiration and up-to-date information about herb shop happenings. Just ask to be included. It’s free!
* Check out our blog at http://www.thesimpleheartoflife.wordpress.com or our Facebook page for inspiration and to get in contact with other herb & garden enthusiasts.

Let’s make 2017 the year we celebrate all of our possibilities!!




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