The Simple Heart of Life

Celebrating the simple pleasures of life.

About Me…

Hello. My name is Penny Moore-Garner. After spending almost 30 years in the field of geriatrics (in nursing homes, home care and subsidized housing), I have witnessed the life stories of countless senior citizens. The biggest regret for many of them is not the lack of money or the lack of accumulated possessions. It is not having spent quality time appreciating and enjoying their lives when they were able. In my own life, I am learning this same lesson. I am, however, fortunate to live in the country surrounded by nature’s reminders and nature’s beauty. I have experienced my own share of personal hardships and have been able to utilize the healing power of herbs and nature to change my life. Along the way, I have learned it is the simple pleasures of life that make a difference. These simple pleasures can be yours no matter where you call home.

Join me as I continue to explore herbs, nature and the simple pleasures of life. Together, we will discover that the power to enjoy life and be happy is really a choice. The inspiration for this choice, however, can be found in the simple pleasures that are available each and every day to us all. On this blog, you will regularly discover inspiration, beauty and simple ideas to harness the power of herbs and nature for yourself and your loved ones.

Here’s to you and a fulfilled, nature-inspired life!

Welcome to The Simple Heart of Life.


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