2017 Summer Workshop Schedule-The Usefulness of Herbs

Did you know that herbs have been used (and depended upon) for centuries for flavor, health and home sanitation? Our ancestors utilized a ‘kitchen garden’ of herbs outside their door for adding flavor to their basic menus and knew the value of herbs for keeping their family and home healthy. Why not discover how to unlock … More 2017 Summer Workshop Schedule-The Usefulness of Herbs

Prolong the Summer Scents–with Potpourri

In most parts of the country, summer vacation has ended and kids have returned to school. Summer always seems to fly by too fast. How can you prolong the summer experience a little while longer without disrupting the family schedule? My answer might surprise you. By making potpourri! Making potpourri is a timeless art form that … More Prolong the Summer Scents–with Potpourri

Calendar of Events

We are proud to announce that The Simple Heart of Life will be hosting hands-on herbal workshops beginning the second weekend of September this year (2015). Participants of our workshops will learn how to harness the power of herbs and how easy it is to create unique gifts and flavors with these special plants. In addition, … More Calendar of Events

Luxurious Lavender

Did you know that lavender is considered to be a natural relaxant and can assist you with getting a good night’s sleep? This fabulous herb can be grown right in your own garden too.  Just plant several plants (obtained from your local nursery) in full sun with well-drained soil and harvest the flower buds (and stems) twice … More Luxurious Lavender