Seek and Find

When my nieces were younger, they used to love to play hide and seek. As a doting aunt, I frequently spent time with them playing their favorite games. To this day, I can vividly remember them saying, “Let’s play seek and find, Aunt Penny.” With Halloween quickly approaching, and the little ghosts and goblins set … More Seek and Find

2017 Summer Workshop Schedule-The Usefulness of Herbs

Did you know that herbs have been used (and┬ádepended upon) for centuries for flavor, health and home sanitation? Our ancestors utilized a ‘kitchen garden’ of herbs outside their door for adding flavor to their basic menus and knew the value of herbs for keeping their family and home healthy. Why not discover how to unlock … More 2017 Summer Workshop Schedule-The Usefulness of Herbs

Slow-Cooked Comfort

January is typically filled with cold, dreary days. Sunshine is minimal and outside activities are few and far between. Most people I know dislike winter and are waiting for Spring to arrive. To make matters worse, the weather man (or woman) is predicting a ‘winter mix’ of sleet, snow, drizzle and freezing rain towards the … More Slow-Cooked Comfort

Savoring the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching and my thoughts turn to cherished traditions. In our house, these traditions frequently include re-creating favorite dishes and treats. I have been blessed to have inherited a penchant for baking and a collection of recipes from the talented cooks in both my family and my husband’s family. To me, these … More Savoring the Holidays