Sharing the Love

Easter Sunday is quickly approaching. It is a time of the year when Christians across the globe celebrate their faith and love. To commemorate this special holiday, I wanted to share a couple of inspirational stories I recently read in Chicken Soup for the Soul. This series of heart-warming books touch my heart and soul … More Sharing the Love

Christmas Comfort

“Unmarked days pass so quickly, but periods of ritual give them a longer meaning and life.” -Adelma Simmons Christmas is quickly approaching and the hustle and bustle of these last few days can be overwhelming. Most folks are attempting to squeeze one more errand into each day. Some may be attempting to obtain one more … More Christmas Comfort

Homespun vs. Wal-Mart

Quick question. Which would you rather receive for Christmas, a gift quickly grabbed off of the shelf from Wal-Mart (or other store) or a homespun gift that represents a lot of thought and love? During these last few weeks before Christmas, we cannot look at a newspaper, the television or even the internet without seeing … More Homespun vs. Wal-Mart