Winged Signs of Spring

“The amen! of nature is always a flower.” –Holmes Early every March the spectacular migration of the Monarch butterfly from Mexico, parts of southern Florida and southern California begins. The migrating butterflies will head north, and the second generation will make it to our area in the corn-belt states in May. Some may go even … More Winged Signs of Spring

He’s Back…Again

Last night my husband and I were pleasantly surprised with the return of a huge furball laying on the back deck railing. This furball is gray with white patches and looks at you with piercing yellow eyes. He is known to be temperamental and does not always allow strangers to get near him. When he … More He’s Back…Again

Winged Vistitors

The air is heavy with humidity and the sun beats down on the earth. Occasionally, a warm breeze brings some relief to the people who venture outside during this Illinois summer as the thermometer climbs to 90 and above. Most feel this weather is not fit for man or beast. But wait.. What do I … More Winged Vistitors

Friend or Foe?

Every gardener either already knows or soon finds out that Mother Nature can be quite a challenge to get along with. When you till and plant the earth, you must learn how to strike a balance between the results you want and what the varmints and conditions of nature will allow you to have. This … More Friend or Foe?